October 3, 2022


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What Is Extreme Snoring? | Sleep Apnoea Study

Dr Christian Jessen is on a mission to tackle a snoring epidemic by bringing together some most prolific sufferers and attempting to treat them.

Aided by top experts, Dr Christian enlists snorers from across the UK to spend the night at Snore Camp, a high-tech sleep clinic where they are closely examined and monitored overnight. But Dr Christian also focuses on the snorers’ long-suffering other halves, as they bear the brunt of their partners’ condition. Dr Christian’s quest is not just to fix their snoring but to mend their relationships too.

Dr Christian and top ENT surgeon Mike Dilkes have their work cut out when one of the snorers, Michael, is diagnosed with one of the most serious and life-threatening conditions associated with snoring: obstructive sleep apnoea. They are shocked as they monitor Michael overnight and see him struggle to breathe. Michael’s treatment plan involves sleeping with a machine that clears his airways, but will it be enough to save him?

Dr Christian and his crack team of experts treat the other snorers and their partners who make it through snoring boot camp and are sent away with treatment plans to try and resolve their snoring issues once and for all… with very surprising results.

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