January 24, 2022


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Unusual Trucks – Centipede Vehicle Design

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In Australia trucks have to travel long distances cross rough country on a daily basis. In the outback the towns are so far apart they use a special kind of truck. Several trailers are joined together to make one long ‘road train’. The roads across the outback are straight and empty, perfect for monster rigs. Here there are few railroads and only these giant trucks visit the remote mines and farms.

But a truck doesn’t have to be long to carry large loads. A building weighing 1,790 tonnes and 75 feet high, sits on top of one of the most unusual trucks ever built. The Mammoet company specialises in transporting huge loads, they achieve the impossible by using self-propelled modular transporters. These units can be joined together in a variety of configurations depending on the weight and size of the load. All the wheels can turn 360 degrees together or separately, so the transporters can drive forward or backward, sideways, diagonally, even in a circle.