January 16, 2022


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Touching Plasma – Smarter Every Day 193

Touching Plasma - Smarter Every Day 193

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UAH is located in Huntsville, Alabama. We do hardcore research, most often by partnering with several government agencies such as Marshall Spaceflight center or US Army research organizations.

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From Dr. Gabe Xu:
Favorite quote from this article: https://www.uah.edu/news/research/uah-engineering-student-uses-3-d-printing-to-successfully-build-and-test-hall-effect-thruster
“I humorously like to say that ion engines and Hall-effect thrusters are the Prius of the in-space propulsion world,” says Hopping, “because they rely on high fuel efficiency to bring about significant cost reduction and range improvements, but at the expense of high thrust.”

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