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The Map of Black Holes | Your Ultimate Guide to Black Holes

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This is the Map of Black Holes which isn’t a map of where all the black holes are in space, it’s a concept map of the subject of black holes: laying out our current knowledge of them. Their structure including Schwarzschild radius or event horizon, the singularity, photon sphere, innermost stable orbit, accretion disk, Hawking radiation and the difference between rotating and non-rotating black holes. I also look at the evidence for their existence, the many ways we have detected them though x-ray astronomy, gravitational wave astronomy and radio astronomy. Then the many outstanding mysteries still to be solved including wormholes, the holographic theory and information paradox. They are very fascinating objects indeed.

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— Credits —
Presented, filmed, art, animation and edited by Dominic Walliman
I use Adobe Illustrator and After Effects for the graphics (for the many people who ask 🙂

— Chapters —
00:00 Intro
01:32 Curvature of Spacetime
05:05 Black Hole Creation
07:39 Black Hole Classification
09:25 The Anatomy of Black Holes
14:35 Evidence for Black Holes and Observation Techniques
19:13 Theory of Black Holes
21:01 The Mysteries of Black Holes
25:37 Sponsor Message

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