October 3, 2022


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Thanks for All the Gravity Assists

On NASA’s Gravity Assist podcast, we have interviewed dozens of scientists, engineers, and others dedicated to the mission of NASA space exploration. We have toured Earth, the solar system, and the universe beyond. We have asked big questions and met fascinating people investigating the possibilities for life elsewhere, building spacecraft, and doing other important behind-the-scenes work to understand our place in the cosmos. And we talked to them about their gravity assists, the boosts of support or inspiration they received in their careers.

After five years, the show is coming to a close. Here are some final thoughts and episode highlights from the podcast team. Listen to the full version of this episode at https://www.nasa.gov/mediacast/gravity-assist-finale-thanks-for-all-the-gravity-assists.

Did you know we have a whole universe of NASA podcasts? Get them here: (transcripts included): https://nasa.gov/podcasts

Producer Credit: Sonnet Apple and Elizabeth Landau
Audio Engineer: Manny Cooper
Music: Universal Production Music
Credit: NASA

Science News Source: NASA

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