January 17, 2022


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Quantum Supremacy Explained

Quantum Supremacy Explained

Find out what it takes for a quantum computer to beat a classical computer to achieve quantum supremacy. Check out this video’s sponsor https://brilliant.org/dos

Quantum supremacy’s that moment when a quantum computer beats the best supercomputers at solving some kind of problem, and it’s a very exciting time right now in quantum computing because, as of recording this video we’re on the brink of having quantum supremacy. In this video I quickly describe how quantum computing works, what quantum computers exist in the world today and what you need to do to prove quantum supremacy.

When I posted this video quantum supremacy hadn’t been reached, but people are predicting that it will happen soon.
Also the qubit numbers I posted for the different quantum computing efforts will go out of date quite quickly, so they won’t be valid if you are watching this in the future. Hello from April 2018!
And full disclosure – I used to work at D-Wave but I don’t have any favourites, I’m excited by progress on all fronts and believe they all deserve the same critical analysis.

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