December 3, 2022


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James May Reconstructs An Electric Guitar | James May: The Reassembler Part 3 | Full Episode

Will James May be able to rebuild this guitar so that he can channel his inner Brian May?

In this new three part series, James May explores the intricacies and engineering marvels of various objects by putting them back together again from a pile of hundreds of their component parts. While going through the rebuilding process, James May explains the purpose of every single nut and bolt.

In the final episode of this season, James tackles an invention that transformed the music industry; the electric guitar. 147 pieces of pure rock must be reassembled carefully and in the correct order. This will entail soldering, extensive use of James’ precision Japanese screwdrivers and some fiddly electronics. Can he put it all together as he gets ready to perform one of the most unexpected guitar solos of all time?

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