August 8, 2022


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How You Can Do Even Better Than #TeamSeas

In this video I give you 5 things you can do to reduce plastic waste. The #teamseas movement is great, but there is so much more we can do to reduce the estimated 10 million tonnes of plastic and trash dumped into our rivers and oceans every day.

— Links to Conservation Organisations —-
The Ocean Conservancy
River Cleanup

— References —-
[1] How much plastic released into the ocean each day, and how much gets recycled

The Facts

[2] Global fossil fuel subsidies
[3] Average plastic use per capita per year
[4] Average UK and US plastic use per capita per year
[5] 93% of bottled water contains microplastics
[6] Exposure to microplastics is bad for women’s and men’s health
[7] Plastic Recycling is and Actual Scam

[8] How many times can plastic be recycled

How many times can plastic be recycled?

[9] 90% of plastic from 10 rivers
[10] The Ocean Cleanup’s poor track record

Coca-Cola funds endless cleanups, but doesn’t prevent more plastic bottles ending up in our oceans

[11] A lot of ocean plastic end up getting washed up on the shorelines
[12] Reduce flow of ocean plastic by 80% by 2040

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Writer, art, animation and edited by Dominic Walliman
I use Adobe Illustrator and After Effects for the graphics (for the many people who ask 🙂

— Chapters —
00:00 Setting the Scene
01:55 1: Regulation
02:48 2: Reduce Plastic Use
04:15 3: Recycling is Not The Answer
05:02 4: Educate Ourselves
05:56 5: Cleanup
06:24 Team Seas Funds and Other Conservation Groups

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