August 8, 2022


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Harrier Jump Jet – Vertical Flight

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The Harrier is one of the most extraordinary planes ever built, informally referred to as the Harrier Jump Jet, a family of jet-powered attack aircraft capable of vertical or short take-off and landing operations. Originally developed by manufacturer Hawker Siddeley in the 1960s, this British design is a helicopter and a high performance jet all in one.

The Harrier emerged as the only truly successful V/STOL design of the many attempted during that era, despite being a subsonic aircraft, unlike most of its competitors. Named after a bird of prey, the Harrier’s greatest strength is that it can land anywhere. It can hover in mid-air, and doesn’t need a runway. It was conceived to operate from improvised bases, such as car parks or forest clearings, without requiring large and vulnerable air bases. Later, the design was adapted for use from aircraft carriers.

Clip from the documentary “Extreme Machines – Flight Power”.

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