August 18, 2022


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Five Quantum Computing Misconceptions

Five Quantum Computing Misconceptions

I sometimes read things about quantum computing that are not quite right, I clear some up here. Check out this video’s sponsor

Quantum computing is a hot topic these days, but I sometimes see things in the media that I know are probably going to be misinterpreted by the people reading them. So this is my attempt to clear up some of the main misconceptions I see about quantum computing.

But if you are wondering what the state of quantum computing is right now. It is real and exists. The quantum computers of today have a few tens of qubits: as of making this video the highest number of qubits in the universal quantum computing scheme is 72 from Google, and in the quantum annealing scheme is about 2000 from D-Wave. But they work and solve real world problems. They haven’t quite exceeded classical computers, but they are very close, and there are going to be some interesting developments over the next year.

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