August 18, 2022


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A Simple Explanation of Quantum Wavefunctions

Fundamentally everything is made of particles and these particles are are described by a quantum wavefunction. But what actually is it, and is it even real? Support this channel: and

Here I explain what they are and show a visualization of what they look like, and show how they are similar to many other waves we are familiar with.
Overall the wavefunction is a mathematical tool which keeps track of all of the properties of a quantum particle, and explains our observations of the probabilistic nature of where particles appear when we do experiments on them. From the wavefunction we can calculate all of the observables like position, momentum, energy or spin, by applying mathematical operators on it. So in quantum physics, the wavefunction encodes all of the information about the quantum system, and valid wavefunctions are solutions to the Schrodinger equation which I covered in my last video which you can watch here

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